Top Flooring Options for Homes, Businesses, and Rentals and More

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Top Flooring Options for Homes, Businesses, and Rentals and More

Are you choosing flooring for your home, your business, your investment property, or anywhere else? Then, let me help. Hello, my name is Sarah. In this blog, I'm going to cover everything from refinishing old wooden floors, to importing rugs, to choosing the most comfortable carpet pad, to selecting colors that make your rooms look perfect. I'm not a flooring professional, but I have installed my fair share of floors. I also love design, and in addition to redecorating my own home, I've helped a lot of friends with their homes and renal properties. As the previous owner of a boutique, I also get how important flooring can be for reflecting your brand and creating the right vibe. Check out my posts -- I hope you enjoy them. Thanks.



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How To Grout Like A Pro

Installing tile is tiring and dirty work. However, the process is fairly simple and it does not require that much special training or rare tools. It does require heavy lifting and a few helpers, but you should not be intimidated by the work. One of the hardest and most technical parts of the job is installing the grout. This article explains how to get the best grout lines. It will also help you reduce the mess and speed up the process. Read More